Presents General & Conversational Italian Language in cooperation with the University of Siena for Foreigners and Perugia University

It has two programs

CILS Program

Scuola Italiana in co-operation with Siena University presents the CILS "The Certification of Italian as a foreign Language" which is the official title that denotes the degree of linguistic competency of Italian as a foreign language.  The CILS is awarded by the University of Siena for Foreigners and is recognized by the Italian State on the basis of an agreement with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is the General Italian program that anyone can start from the very beginning to the advanced levels.

CELI Program

Scuola Italiana in co-operation with Perugia University presents the CELI "the Certification of knowledge of Italian" which is the official title that denotes the knowledge of speaking Italian in daily situations. The exam is elaborated from the European Group ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) in relationship with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language learning and teaching of the European council. It is the daily life conversational Italian program that anyone can start from the intermediate to the advanced levels.

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Italy is Egypt's largest European trading partner,
Italy’s economic/trade relations with Egypt are equally dynamic, with an upward trend peaking in 2007 at over 3.9 billion euro (up 7.06% over the previous year) making us one of Egypt’s top partners in the world.
Sectors of excellence for Italian investments in Egypt (Italy ranks 5th among Europe’s principal investors) remain those of petroleum and gas, particularly in the fields of prospecting and extraction. Active and fruitful in the non-oil/energy fields is collaboration in industry, agri-alimentary production, services, plant construction, mechanics, textiles, construction, concrete and tourism (especially in the development of new areas such as the Mediterranean coast and the Red Sea).

Italy’s presence is also growing stronger in the banking sector. In addition to the two branch offices of Banca Intesa and Montepaschi di Siena and a minority participation in the capital of the joint venture bank involving Capitalia and Misr International Bank, in 2006 San Paolo IMI acquired 80% of the capital of the Bank of Alexandria (Egypt’s third largest bank).

Italy has a significant cultural presence in Egypt, not only in the area of language instruction but also in a broad spectrum of other sectors, including the assessment, evaluation and preservation of cultural and archaeological treasures.

This leads to a growing demand for Italian language speakers

Learn Italian, gain Italian certification and Cease the chance