Helping people to fast-track their Marketing skills

In today’s cut-throat competitive market environment, organizations can not afford to just satisfy customers. In order to win and retain customers, an organization needs to delight customers. This situation demands marketing and sales professionals to thoroughly understand their customers' needs  and wants and provide them a complete solution better than the competitors.

To retain customers and to open the window of opportunity for the future business, a close and professional contact with the customer has always been demanded by this cut throat situation.

Notting Hill College – Sales & Marketing programs has been designed to give Marketing and Sales learners an in-depth exposure to various components of Marketing and Sales functions and the latest practices in this discipline. Its main goal is to help learners to formulate their strategy for winning customers and achieving their targets.

Notting Hill College offers its sales & marketing courses in three formats; workshops, mini certificates and diplomas
Our workshops, courses and diplomas are designed according to the SMEI standards (Sales and Marketing Executives International, a professional association dedicated to training, education, and excellence). 

Notting Hill College Marketing & Sales management curriculum is delivered by highly qualified & skills professionals who offers unique insights to these professions both from a local & international prospective.

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