English Stage Exam


The European University Association
The International Association of Universities

The Aim of the English Proficiency Test

To determine students’ levels
The main focus of the exam is academic English.

About the exam

150 minutes - Written exam
No break - Speaking exam
The test assesses the students’ proficiency at various language skills.
The test contains five sections:
  Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Error Correction

Component of the exam

LISTENING (20 items)

It assess test-takers’ academic listening skills; like listening for
specific information and note-taking.
There will be a number of different tasks.
Each recording will be played twice.


This section focuses on correcting errors in sentences. The errors can be in:

word order

READING (30 items)

It assesses academic reading skills and contains a number of texts.

WRITING (20 points)

This section aims to assess academic writing skills.
Students will be asked to write an essay of 300 words about one of two alternative topics.

SPEAKING (20 points)

This section aims to assess oral communication skills.

Students will be required to use a range of grammatical and lexical structures in English    
    correctly, through various skills.

Students will take the exam in pairs and perform three tasks.

The examiner will ask a set of questions about education, different cultures, living abroad,   
     world problems, relationships, fashion, technology, etc… to each candidate.

Each candidate will be asked to work individually. The candidate will be given a picture and   
    asked to summarize and comment on the situation in the picture.

Candidates will be given a problem situation. They will be asked to discuss it together and   
    explore possible solutions to it.