Presents conversational & business English Programs

Egyptian American Center – Direct English Center is
a licensed center of Linguaphone group.

The Linguaphone Group is a world-leading provider of home study and classroom-based language training solutions, operating under the internationally recognized Pingu's English, Linguaphone and Direct English brand names.

For adults, Linguaphone group offers assisted learning
English language courses
, as well as a range of
distance learning language For 3 to 7+ year olds, They offer
Pingu's English
, an exciting English language course for young learners based on the enormously popular animated character, Pingu.

Linguaphone Group is headquartered in London, England. Established in 1901,have over 107 years of experience in language training and an extensive network of licensed partners operating under the internationally recognized Pingu's English, Linguaphone and Direct English brand names. Linguaphone Group has more than 250 branches in 90 countries around the world.

Market leaders in their own right, together Direct English, Linguaphone and Pingu's English provide the ultimate language training solution, for both adults and early year's children.

Direct English is an international assisted learning system based on conversation classes that combines personal study with a program of tutorials, interactive media classes, online learning and social activities. It is a tailor-made program depends on the individual needs & maximum flexibility in choosing the schedule of attending classes as it is offered in three formats. 

Business English is another program which is aimed at corporate executives who wish to improve their command of the language for the commercial world usage. It is centered on 12 international case studies.  The modular case-based learning approach of the Business English program is a method commonly and effectively used in management training around the world. In addition, it presents "true-to-life" situations and problems.

Absolutely, Direct English offers English language training that’s tailor-made for the corporate customer.

An investment that pays
off from
day one

English proficiency for key personnel is a prerequisite to wider competitive horizons for any company looking to succeed in the global arena.  It's vital to finding new and better partners, opportunities and markets. However, the task of finding the right training provider is not always an easy one, as most training professionals would admit.

Can your company afford to train its employees to work competently and confidently in English?

When your company signs up with Direct English, you’ll be delighted with the value you get for money, for time and for effort